This is a list of commercial & free softwares for Structural Mechanics (FEA) and pre-processors only packages. Links to online resources on Structural Mechanics, Numerical Simulation and Mesh Generation have also been provided.

Commercial Programs Scripting and Automation
Sub-category: Static and Dynamic Strength, Modal (Eigen-frequency)
ANSYS Mechanical
  • Meshing
    • ANSYS Workbench
  • Solvers and Post-Processors
    • ANSYS Mechanical / Workbench
APDL, Javascript, ironPython [an implementation of the popular programming language Python for .NET, by Microsoft]
ABAQUS ABAQUS Scripting Interface: An extension of Python
FEMAP: Siemens PLM Cypress Enable BASIC Scripting for Applications
LISA FEA: Structural, Multi-physics **
Sub-category: Low Cycle Fatigue, Fracture Mechanics (Crack formation and growth)
PCL: Patran Command Language
Mechatronics (Motion, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control), Valve-train and Crank-Train of Engines
MSC Products **
Mathwork Products OCTAVE: Very similar to MATLAB, under GNU license, free for all purposes!
AVL products **
Multi-physics: Electromagnetism, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Piezo-electricity
ANSYS: EMAG APDL, Javascript, ironPython
RadTherm: Heat Transfer Analysis Software **
ATTILA: Integrated Radiation Transport Simulation Environment **
BSim **

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