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CFDyna.com and its associates make no claim or representations about the scientific accuracy or suitability of the information contained in the documents and related graphics and/or customized products published on this website for any purpose. All such documents and related information (textual or graphical) are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and are subject to change without notice.

The entire risk arising out of their use remains with the recipient or the users. In no event shall "cfdyna.com" and/or its associates be liable for any direct, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or other damages whatsoever (including without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, or loss of business information), even if "cfdyna.com" has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

We may also provide various links to Open Source Softwares (OSS) and Freeware along with our own technical recommendations. However, it does not exclude you from reading the licenses you are dealing with. Note that a 'Freeware' is a commercial software with a price tag = 0 unit. However, 'free' does not always mean "free for all purposes". Similarly, an OSS is mostly governed by GNU Public license. There are different legal requirements of a 'Copyleft' license. Please make yourself fully conversant irrespective of advices given on this website.

We have used the names or reference to products and trademarks such as ICEM CFD, Fluent, CFX, Hypermesh, Gridgen, STAR-CD, MATLAB, OCTAVE. These products and trademarks belong to their respective owners and CFDyna.com has no direct or indirect involvement in development or testing or marketing. Any recommendation to use these software are entirely a subjective opinion without any guarantee.

It is our prime philosophy to respect the original research work being carried out throughout the world. While preparing our documents and business proposals, we take utmost care not to violate such rights. In case you have reason to believe that we have violated your IPR in any of our product, documents or proposals, please inform us immediately and we assure quick action.