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Topics from Guests, Collaborators and Web Enthusiasts

This page contains articles written for cfdyna.com by guest authors, bloggers, hobbyists on topics such as project management, solar energy, green technology, mathematics, data analytics, statistics and reliability. The topics related to mechanical engineering and numerical simulations have been kept out of this list.

aptitude test

Mathematics: Tips, Tricks, Brain Twisters

This blog contains topics related to basic maths tricks, puzzles, short-cut techniques like acronyms and mnemonics.

textbook solution

Physics: Solved Examples

Refer to this page to access example problems in mechanics, simple harmonic motions, vibrations, collisions at college physics level.

advance physics

Advance Physics

Relativity, Super-conductivity, Quantum Mechanics! […]

aptitude test

Quiz: Aptitute Test

Quantitative Aptitude Test for Banking, SSC

stock market

Indian Stock Market and Trade Tiger

Tips and Tricks in Trade Tiger, Outlook and Views on Indian Stock Market
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