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Multi-phase Flow in OpenFOAM

interFoam utility for Multi-phase Flows

This page summarizes the multi-phase cases supplied with OpenFOAM 1606+. An informative and well documented tutorial can be found here. Disclaimer / IPR: the ownership and copyright of this document lies with the author mentioned in the document.

The following video is an attempt to model air entrainment using multiphase flow. In the left video, you may notice how spherical bubbles are formed due air entrained by water stream entering into the bottle. The interface of the air bubble and water is sharp. This feature is not as prominent in the simulation primarily due to corse mesh. Capturing a sharp interface between gas and liquid will require a very fine mesh. Some improvements planned are:

  1. Make the domain shape and size identical: as of now they are in 2:1 ratio to keep the number of mesh counts low.
  2. Match the boundary conditions such as velocity and its profile at inlet, turbulence parameters at inlet


Flow of water in an empty angled duct: immiscible two phase flow


Over-flow a Weir: 2D - immiscible two phase flow
interFoam Weir
interFoam Weir
interFoam Weir
interFoam Weir

The animation of change in water volume fraction with time can be downloaded from here.


Cavitation after sudden expansion from a narrow slit: This case demonstrates use of multi-stage local mesh refinement using combination of "topoSet and refineMesh" utility inside OpenFOAM.

Base Mesh - Cavitation
Refine 1
Refine 2
Refine 3
Refine all

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